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[BarcampLondon3] Obscure Mac Apps (Melinda & Martin)


  • KeyCue (€19.99 + VAT)
  • Caffeine (free) – prevents sleeping, display dimming etc
  • iStat menus (free) – also includes menubar clock like Magical
  • NameChanger (free) – bulk file renaming
  • Yojimbo ($39) – stores and tags web pages, documents etc (the actual content, not just a link). Also a web version.
  • Keyboard Cleaner (free) – disables keyboard
  • Audio Hijack Pro ($32) – record any system audio.
  • Bento – personal version of Filemaker
  • Picturesque ($20 shareware) – uses Core Image to do all sorts of cool image effects
  • XLD (free/OSS) – converts various lossless audio formats
  • ImageWell (free) – batch image editing (see also Skitch)
  • FreeDMG (free, unsurprisingly) – Simple disk image creation
  • ZapMac (free) – wacky speed-reading thing
  • Nocturne (free) – ‘night mode’ for working more comfortably in the dark
  • Remote Buddy (€19.99) – use Apple remote with any app, or for browsing files. Also allows you to use Wiimote via bluetooth.

[Update: it seems I was misinformed – Skitch is free too.]

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Written by Kerry

November 25th, 2007 at 12:07 pm

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  1. Just wanted to correct an error.

    Skitch is currently in private beta (but you can find places to get invites)

    Skitch is totally free.

    Skitch does not do batch image editing, but rather is a tool for capturing, editing and posting images to websites. Skitch is very very fast, so it becomes part of your work-flow with ease.

    Brian Caldwell

    25 Nov 07 at 5:24 pm

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