Weeknotes 2022-19

I started to get a sore throat at the beginning of the week, followed by a cough, and wondered whether I’d finally ended my run of escaping the novel coronavirus. It seems it was probably just the boring old fashioned kind of coronavirus though, which has now progressed through streaming nose to more coughing (and if we’re back to traditional colds, will probably result in a lingering cough until I catch the next one). At least thanks to JP, I had a new word for it.

On Thursday a few of us went to help finish the leftover beer from the weekend’s party, and sat in the garden with a takeaway curry. Nice that the weather’s starting to make outdoor gathering pleasant again – despite a couple of negative LFTs I’m not sure I’d have been popular turning up for an indoor do with a cough.

We’re supposed to start going into the office for a day or two a week again now (and I was due to go in on Thursday to help someone out with an interview), but I excused myself on the basis of germs. Should probably make an effort and go in soon, but it was very noticeable that when I got up at “going into the office” time then decided not to, I was able to start work a good hour or so early.

More racing at the weekend, with the confusingly-named Twilight 5k taking place on the waterfront on Saturday afternoon. This race was the scene of my PB in 2019, with a time that should have put me in the sub-20 wave, but as I appear to have slowed down a bit while waiting for it to finally take place again I estimated my time at 21 minutes which put me in the middle wave again. As it turned out I managed 21:28, which I’m happy enough with given I was still full of cold (and the weather was very much not cold). The local venue also lent itself to hitting the pub afterwards and walking home at closing time. Because we’re all proper athletes and stuff.

The number of half a beast

Today Jane came round to take some photos of her Mini 40, which has been sitting in my carport since she moved out in 2015 (and for several years prior to that), and which she’s finally thinking of selling. The plan was to shuffle the other cars around a bit and push it out, but it turned out that after pumping all the tyres up my 1275GT was the only one whose brakes were free enough to actually move anywhere. I did take the opportunity to wash off most of the moss that had been taking it over, so it looks properly yellow again. Also discovered a whole stash of mysteriously missing CDs in Jane’s mini, that must have been there for 13 years or so. I think one of them is still in the stereo though – hopefully the security code to switch it on is written down somewhere!

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