Weeknotes 2022-25

Nearly forgot to post something this week. It feels stubbornly like a Saturday for some reason, which doesn’t bode well for me remembering that tomorrow I’m actually supposed to be going into the office for the first time in ages. It’s not that I’ve particularly avoided it up to now, but I’ve got into such a routine that it doesn’t usually cross my mind that I could go in until I’ve already made a coffee and started work. Anyway, my boss’s boss is in the country at the moment and in our office tomorrow (and Tuesday I think), so it’s probably a good idea for us to actually be there to meet him.

I’m not really sure much has happened since last time. I spent a couple of hours working out how to make Chartkick.js play nicely with Phoenix LiveView, and because I was feeling public-spirited and there wasn’t much detail around of how to do it (I think it’s one of those things that’s just simple enough that if you look on forums you see people asking, being given a hint then coming back saying “thanks, that made sense” without explaining exactly what they did) I decided to write it up.

Other than that, I think everything’s just running. We’ve got a trail of giant painted owls in Ipswich at the moment, so I went out to run round them on Wednesday. I missed a few, and still managed to go a couple of miles further than the planned 10. Then Stowmarket Friday 5 (much less roasting this week, but ended up slower than it felt), parkrun yesterday, and a nice chatty 14 mile trail run today on the Stour Valley Path, including a few wrong turns and a stop for an ice cream and a little paddle in the river. My Garmin is now recommending 3.5 days’ rest, which seems a bit excessive (especially as I have another 5k race on Tuesday).

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