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Weeknotes 2022-29

Like a lot of people, I spent the beginning of the week hiding indoors with the curtains closed trying to avoid the ridiculous heat (and it was only mid-30s here, so we had it easy). The cats seemed to enjoy being out in it though.

Another race-free week, and despite the weather I managed to get a reasonable mileage in again. A few social runs – running round Paul’s field in lieu of Tuesday’s club session before relaxing in the finally tolerable evening temperature with beer and chilli, a Run for Beer in Felixstowe on Wednesday evening, a Run for Coffee on Friday morning, and another of Justin’s “trolley dash” five mile informal races today – plus a couple of slow solo trail outings (13 miles on Thursday and 17 yesterday, with the latter including parkrun in the middle). My, that was a long sentence.

FRR Social
Run for Beer
Run for Coffee
Trolley Dash

Jane’s just got a retired greyhound, and I offered to dog-sit next week when she (Jane) has to go into the office for a day, in case she (the dog) doesn’t like being left alone. I went round to see them yesterday, to check she (the dog again) didn’t take a dislike to me, but when I arrived she greeted me excitedly like a long-lost friend, and was quite happy just lying around when Jane popped out for a while as an experiment.

Lying down but pretending to be standing up

I’ve now made my way through all seven series of Buffy. I almost timed it perfectly for the Buffering podcast, which I’ve been listening to in parallel, but having experienced that as a fast-forwarded journey through all the travails of 2016 to the present day, I need to wait for the last five episodes to be released. I guess it’s time for Angel/Angel on Top in the mean time!

I got home today to discover that a large branch on my apple tree had apparently decided to take on a more ground-based role. The number of living branches is slowly reducing – I don’t know how long the tree’s been alive (or how long apple trees generally live) but it looks pretty old.


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