Weeknotes 2022-35

Not sure there’s much to report this week. Went into work a couple of times to do some interviews, which isn’t my favourite activity. Everyone passed, which is nice except there are two positions and three people, and also a sudden recruitment freeze. Glad I only had to worry about the interviewing itself, and not any of the admin or politics.

Fram 10k today, which I didn’t really enjoy. That was entirely due to my mental state though, rather than the race itself. Having personal issues (mostly in my head) that are making me pretty miserable at the moment, but hopefully that’ll pass. I have at least spoken (well texted) about it to a couple of people, rather than keeping it bottled up, so there’s progress. Now all I need to do is speak to the person the issues relate to, but one thing at a time. Oh, and 45:33 in case you wondered, which isn’t great, although it’s better than last year and it was pretty warm (but not as warm as last year). Well done to FRR for winning both male and female team prizes though.

Trying to put together some good code/bad code examples for training, and I really hate Java. I know it’s a lot better than it was when I last used it in anger, but that just means I don’t know how the good bits work and have to look everything up. I’m teetering on the fine line between having no motivation to do it and needing to keep my mind off other things, and the latter is winning for now.

Hopefully I’ll return in a more cheerful mood next week.

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