Weeknotes 2022-37

Definitely a week when I’m glad I pretty much never watch live TV or listen to the radio any more. I suspect I if I had, I’d have stopped by now. Still, I suppose we are talking about “the most important event the world will ever see”.

Some more greyhound sitting this week. She continues to be extremely lazy, apart from a brief flurry of excitement to greet you on arrival.

After a few weeks of my wildlife camera not picking up anything, I moved it to a slightly lower position which seems to line the field of view of the motion sensors up better. Over a few nights this week it caught a badger a few times (or several badgers), and what looks like two different foxes (that wasn’t a huge surprise, given that I saw two foxes in the garden at once the other day). I put some short clips on YouTube.

I was supposed to have been running a leg of the Round Norfolk relay in the early hours of Sunday morning, then realised that I also had a Toy Dolls gig in London in my diary for Saturday night (originally scheduled for March 2020, and postponed so many times that I’d lost track of when it was). I think I could have just about made it back in time, but fortunately someone stepped in to take my place. I ended up getting home at 1am, which would have made it pretty tight.

The gig was good fun, and suitably silly as expected. It’s the first time I’ve seen them live, despite having been at least aware of them since the 80s.

After about five hours sleep I was up again ready for the Felixstowe Coastal 10, which I’d entered once I’d escaped my RNR obligations (I’d been regretting my choice between the two events, so it all worked out well in the end). I’d assumed that an evening of jumping around in the Kentish Town Forum with a bunch of ageing punks would have been poor race preparation, but somehow I came away with a ten mile PB of 1:11:10. Only four seconds faster than my previous best, but they all count! I was beginning to think the “getting older” factor was starting to win out over “getting better”, but maybe not quite yet.

It’s funny how quickly the cats have reacted to the recent sudden onset of autumn. Especially Ninja, who’s changed overnight from living in the garden and only coming in occasionally for food back to sitting on my lap and sleeping on the bed.

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