Weeknotes 2023-34

I’ve put my wildlife camera back out a few times after it started working again. No return of the badgers yet, but plenty of foxes, including this one who wandered onto the patio one morning after it had got light, apparently to investigate the camera.

Wednesday was another dual Run for Coffee/Run for Beer day, with the latter being in Holbrook for Alec’s birthday (and a slightly lazy four miles). We went to the Swan, which doesn’t do food but was happy for us to bring our own pizza.

Run for Coffee
Run for Beer

On Friday I went to a bonfire party in Anders’s field. There were a few people from work there, plus loads of people I don’t know. In my usual style, I didn’t speak to many strangers, but made friends with the neighbours’ cat.

On Sunday I got dragged out for another long bike ride, this time to the beer festival at the Lindsey Rose (plus brief visits to smaller beer festivals at the White Horse in Edwardstone and the Duke of Marlborough in Somersham. Slightly shorter than last week, at 40 miles, and lots of fun including sumo wrestling and some impromptu racing round a cycle speedway track.

White Horse
Robin thrashing me at sumo
Rob and Dave reliving their cycle speedway days

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