Weeknotes 2024-14

Leftover item that I forgot to include last week: a return visit to the dentist for a replacement filling. All very straightforward and painless, despite the lack of injection. Well, apart from the price, I suppose.

I took advantage of the second extra day of weekend to get a longish slow run in, even managing to find a couple of miles of trails I’d never run before (including a slightly hairy crossing of the A12). The route back through the Fynn Valley took me past the tyre swing over the river (well, stream really), that I’m pretty sure I’ve never passed without having a quick go. This time I found that both the rope and the tyre had been replaced by beefier versions, although it now hangs a bit lower, increasing the risk of wet feet. It later transpired that it had been replaced by someone I know, after someone cut the old one down.

Back to work, and the usual procedure of trying to work out what on earth I’d been doing before taking a week off. Fortunately I’d had the foresight to leave a long commit message to my future self explaining what I’d left half-done.

I managed to make a coffee run on Wednesday, for the first time in a while. There were only three of us, one of whom was rushing off afterwards, so we didn’t actually stop for coffee (which is fine, as I can make a better cup at home than I can buy from Ian Greggs).

My [so-called] Mini had its MOT test on Friday (the first one since I bought it nearly a year (and a massive 2126 miles) ago. Fortunately it sailed through, with only a couple of tyre-related advisories (which was, surprisingly, three fewer than the previous year). Surprisingly, the cost of an MOT test (with a discount code) seems to be 25% cheaper than it was 20 years ago. And 20 years ago it definitely wasn’t possible to check the test status and advisory list on your phone while walking to the garage to collect the car.

Hopefully another year’s cheap (and more reliable than the Roadster!) motoring awaits.

Another long run on Sunday, on a slightly longer variation of Monday’s route, and this time with Holly. Obviously we both had to have a go on the swing, and both ended up with slightly wet feet (but didn’t actually fall in). The weather’s suddenly started getting warm again, with very little pause in the Goldilocks zone of running temperature. Thanks to last week’s long run technically being this week, it’s been my first 50+ mile week of the year.

We’re now 25% through #48in24, and I’m still keeping up. I definitely haven’t ever written code (albeit not much code) in so many languages in such a short time before.

Exercism #48in24

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