Weeknotes 2024-16

Having commented on how fortunate last Sunday’s weather was, given how far we had to walk in shorts & vests before and after the LB 10k, Monday demonstrated just how fortunate, with wind, rain, hail and a sudden end to the brief spell of summery weather almost before it had started. I opted not to leave the house.

I’ve now finished watching all the A-Team episodes. Season four started getting silly (from, to be fair, quite a high starting point), with big name guest appearances (Hulk Hogan twice, Isaac Hayes, [Cow]Boy George etc), and Season five completely lost the plot, in that they end up working for the CIA (in the person of Robert Vaughn), Murdoch’s been released from the VA, and they have a new team member for no obvious reason. No great surprise that it was cancelled midway through, although it’s a puzzle why the last two episodes were swapped round, with the obvious finale followed by what looks like a very low budget last outing, that begins with footage spliced in from a previous season then mostly takes place inside an Italian restaurant. Anyway, if my count is correct they only get locked in a workshop five times (plus once in a toy/firework warehouse) across the whole 95-episode run, which is fewer times than Endo off of Lethal Weapon makes an appearance as a generic baddy henchman.

Apparently I’ve now solved my Rubik’s puzzle cube over 2,500 times (and that’s just the ones I used the timer for), which I’m sure is perfectly normal and fine. My average time is now around 50s, and I don’t think my memory is up to learning enough extra algorithms to get it much faster.

Wednesday should have been Run for Beer, but once again a poor weather forecast put everyone off. I went out for a little solo trail run anyway, and to be fair I did end up slightly cold and wet. The bluebells were nice though.


For some reason I kept thinking Thursday was Friday, to the extent that I even made rock buns in the evening to take to parkrun. I was quite disappointed to wake up the next morning and remember there was still one day of the working week left. I did at least manage to refrain from eating most of the rock buns, so I could still take them to parkrun.

I ate a bit of the extreme chilli chocolate from a long ago beer festival that’s still in the fridge. It’s been long enough since I ate any (not sure how long exactly, but it’s best before 2015) that I thought maybe it wasn’t so painfully hot after all. I can, however, report that yes, it very much is. Maybe I’ll have another bite in a few more years.

I went for a long run on Sunday, and missed most of the traditional “Where’s Wally” activity of trying to spot people I know in the BBC London Marathon coverage. Lots of people seemed to do very well though. Obviously I’m never going to do a marathon, but also obviously I’ve put myself into the ballot for next year as usual.

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