Weeknotes 2024-18

After last week’s fiasco of leaving my car keys at work, this Tuesday I made sure they were definitely on the kitchen table before cycling to work. I brought my laptop home again, with the intention of sneaking an extra work-from-home day in on Wednesday, but left my jeans in the locker again. This would have been fine except that that (a) I was going out on Wednesday night, (b) I should probably have more than one decent pair of jeans, and (c) I’d just washed the other pair, and they were still drying. I ended up going in to the office after my 9 o’clock customer catchup call on Wednesday (so I could get a 9.5 mile Run for Coffee in first), then left shortly after lunch, having barely spoken to any of the few other people who were in.

The main reason for coming home early was that my Steam Deck was due to be delivered in the afternoon. I’m not a massive gamer, leaning more towards classic and indie games, but even the limited selection that have been ported to macOS has dwindled, with a lot of older titles no longer running on 64 bit machines. The Steam Deck seemed like a good way of being able to casually play the odd game here and there, the price for a factory reconditioned 256GB model wasn’t too bad, and it seems like a pretty nice device so far. I’ve started playing through Portal and Limbo yet again, as well as the original Half Life, which I never quite managed to finish. I also realised that since leaving Twitter I wasn’t finding out about Steam sales or Humble Bundle deals, so I need to start looking out for them elsewhere.

On Wednesday night we went to the pub quiz again, and this time they’d remembered our reservation. We somehow managed to win again, but annoyingly in the process of taking the 50% off our bill that they’d promised for the mistake last time, and also taking off our £50 winnings, I’m pretty sure they managed to do them in the wrong order, and effectively halve our winnings too. I did half-heartedly query it, but he seemed sure he’d done it right. Still, can’t really complain to have paid under a fiver for a quiz, a meal and a couple of pints.

On Saturday I ran to parkrun rather than cycling, then on my way home had to weave through a town centre already increasingly full of Ipswich fans preparing for the game that would see them promoted to the Premiership. I shudder to think what things must have been like in the afternoon and evening after the match.

On Saturday I did the Kesgrave Fun Run, as a sharpener for next weekend’s Twilight 5k. I just about managed to squeeze under 20 minutes, in my fastest time of four times doing this event, but for some reason (probably because it’s a charity run organised by a pub, rather than a serious race!) the course is always about 150 metres short. Still, with a bit of luck and better rested legs, I might stand a chance of getting a legitimate sub 20 next week. In true British fashion, after months of moaning that it was still winter, the sun came out so we deliberately found a table in the shade for a post-race beer.

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