Weeknotes 2024-26

We had a temporary outage with some of our team’s local servers this week after scheduled overnight work on the building’s power – not because the servers failed to come back up, but because they were shut down in preparation, and the power cut caused the building access card system to fail and no-one could get into the server room to switch them back on again. Fortunately they weren’t running anything terribly important, as those things are on more resilient infrastructure (as you would hope!)

After being stuck for ages, I finally got past the last puzzle in chapter two of Portal Revolutions. I had a brief look at a walkthrough guide, but only really enough to convince myself that I hadn’t missed anything, rather than actually taking in the detailed steps. The last few moves did seem pretty straightforward when I went back to it though, so maybe I did remember a few of the instructions!

The beginning of the week was uncomfortably warm for running, but it was nice to be able to sit comfortably outside the pub without any extra layers after Wednesday’s evening’s Run for Beer though (and also after outside Costa after Run for Coffee the same morning).

A sparsely-attended Run for Coffee
Run for Beer (no, I don’t know what’s up with my face)

This week’s Friday 5 (Stowmarket) was warm too, though not as bad as last week, but (in keeping with the never-ending run of summer false starts we seem to be getting this year) the temperature had dropped again in time for the Kesgrave 10k on Sunday.

Finishing the Stowmarket Friday 5
Kesgrave 10k

The main piece of running news though is that I was slightly taken aback on opening my annual London Marathon ballot rejection email to see the words “You’re in!”. I think I’ve entered the ballot seven or eight times, but statistically I think I’ve still beat the odds (last time I heard an estimate of the chance of success it was about one in 15, but I imagine it’s only getting less likely each year). I guess that means I now have to drop my increasingly unconvincing protestations that I was never going to run a marathon.

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