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My (very!) small part in the Array#forty_two controversy

For those outside the Rails community who have no idea what I’m on about, some people got a bit upset about Rails 2.2 defining Array#second up to Array#tenth, so for example you can call foo.fifth instead of foo[4] (you can already call foo.first instead of foo[0]). One of the last changes to be committed before 2.2 was released was to slim the list down to just second, third, fourth and fifth, but adding Array#forty_two (the ultimate answer) instead.






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Microsoft Ad

“Roger that Houston, I’m a PC.”

I’m a PC

Yeah? and how’s that working out for you?

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What’s your command-line top ten?

Here’s mine:

~ $ history|awk '{a[$2]++} END{for(i in a){printf "%5d\t%s\n",a[i],i}}'|sort -rn|head
  232	git
   82	cd
   30	ls
   20	sudo
   18	rm
   13	./script/server
   12	mate
   11	rake
    7	vi
    7	ssh

Probably slightly skewed by the fact that I was doing a git demo yesterday.

Meme via Simon Brunning.

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From the meme collision department…

In ur villij

Ur seer

icanhaz lynching?

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Rails Envy’s take on the werewolf question

This clip [MP3, 57s] from a Rails Envy podcast made me laugh. It’s referring to Charles Nutter’s recent musings on whether werewolf is killing the conference hackfest.

Incidentally, how often do you get the chance to Google for “nutter werewolf”?

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[BarcampLondon3] 101 Uses for an Index Card

I’d originally intended to present something about BDD, but the slides and demo never really came together so I didn’t really want to inflict them on people who could have gone to a better session. I was going to risk bad karma by not presenting at all (there were plenty of empty slots, so I don’t think I’d have been the only one).

At some point in the early hours of Sunday, trying to sleep in a very warm room where the lights kept randomly coming on, I thought of another idea – could a bunch of us come up with 101 uses for an index card (something I’ve been planning to try myself for a while)? It would be obvious from the title that it was just a bit of fun, but maybe ew might learn something along the way about the techniques that people used which used index cards in some way.

Unfortunately (I like to think purely because I posted the session on the board at lunchtime on Sunday!) only two people turned up, beating my record of four from BarcampBrighton. We did manage to get a third of the way though, coming up with 34 uses:

  1. CRC cards
  2. Shopping list
  3. Werewolf
  4. Release planning/User stories
  5. Enumerating the uses of an index card
  6. Taking notes
  7. Essential use cases
  8. Paper prototyping
  9. Bookmark
  10. Funnel for salt, sugar etc
  11. “Indexing stuff” (ie whatever they were originally designed for)
  12. Emergency business card
  13. Barcamp/unconference scheduling
  14. Playing 1001 Blank White Cards
  15. Inflicting paper cuts on an enemy
  16. Making an animation flip-book
  17. House of cards
  18. Making noises with bicycle spokes
  19. Drug pouches (I have no idea what this means!)
  20. Roaching
  21. Paper planes (although our test model was prone to nosedives)
  22. Cue cards
  23. Flash cards
  24. Postcard
  25. Beermat
  26. Recipes
  27. To-do lists
  28. Lighting fires
  29. Setting fire to, in order to satisfy the requirement to collect “fire” in a scavenger hunt
  30. Bulletin board advert
  31. Very simple origami
  32. Signage
  33. Action Man billboards
  34. Blocking CCTV cameras

Paul also added “toothpick”, via a Flickr comment.

PICT2381.MRW Some of the 101 uses of an index card

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Parochial Ethnicity Option

This from the profile page on Orkut (which is, of course, an international site):

Orkut ethnicity options

Someone really ought to tell them that African American isn’t a globally-applicable synonym for Black.

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Ever wondered what would happen if you mixed lolcats with PostSecret?

Of course you have.

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Cool steganography trick

Very clever.

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Quoted in the Times!

So I was reading Jon’s post about Paul‘s SEO talk at Barcamp Brighton, and thought I’d give the tip for finding incoming links a whirl.

I searched Yahoo for, and found pretty much what I expected – my blog comments, links from a couple of other blogs, links from my profiles on sites like Twitter.

Then I found this: Apple’s new iMac: blogger reaction – Times Online.

Of all the blog comments about the new iMac, I’m not sure why he chose mine.