I hate British Summer Time

No, not the season – the clock change. The bizarre anachronistic ritual of spending six months of the year pretending that it’s an hour later than it really is.

Dali clocks

Here we are, nicely moving into spring. At least twelve hours of daylight, and the winter days of driving to and from work in the dark fading into memory. So what do we do? Change all the clocks to ‘save’ an hour of daylight! If it was so important to snatch those extra 60 illuminated minutes in the evening, why wasn’t it more important in the winter, when there was less light to play with?

If people are so keen not to waste the morning sunlight, here’s an idea: get up an hour early! It’s only what we’re doing anyway, but do we really need to change all our clocks to fool ourselves into it?

And don’t get me started on the suggestion that we operate at GMT+1 in the winter and GMT+2 in the summer. What’s the point in having the international time datum in your country and then adopting a different timezone?

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People don’t like getting up early so they have to be tricked into it.

I am quite happy getting up earlier but I think I am in a minority.

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