Weeknotes 2022-01

First proper week of the year, and I nearly forgot to do this, so that bodes well for the experiment continuing.

Back to work properly this week (well, apart from Monday), and other people were mostly back too, so meetings and stuff have started happening again. One of those annoying Fridays where something turns out to be more complicated than I thought, so ended up leaving it half-done to pick up on Monday. It was one of those rabbit holes where I started adding a new feature, realised that the related tests didn’t quite cover all the permutations of existing behaviour, then discovered that the untested bits didn’t quite behave as I expected, and had to be fixed too. I seem to remember there being another layer of yak shaving too, but I can’t remember what it was (which doesn’t bode well for the morning).

I got my unicycle out for the first time in ages. I bought it at the beginning of 2020, but stopped trying to learn to ride it when I decided that turning up at A&E having injured myself during lockdown might not be looked on too favourably. This time I’m practicing outside, for the sake of the floor and walls in the hall, where I started before. Still at the “pedal a couple of times while using a wall for stability, then fall off” stage. Hopefully when (if) I finally get the knack, it’ll be a useless skill that never goes away, like riding half a bicycle.

I finally watched Don’t Look Up, which seems to be dividing opinion, but lots of people had recommended it. Not terrible, but at least 45 minutes too long, and felt at times like it wasn’t sure whether it was serious satire or slapstick.

Just short of 40 miles of running this week, culminating in a very muddy, but almost enjoyable, county cross-country championships (which sounds more impressive than it is – you only have to be a member of a club to enter, and not actually be fast or anything).

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