Weeknotes 2022-05

Oops, nearly a week late. Not a very eventful week anyway.

I’ve started using Obsidian for random note-taking. I’ve got it synced between home and work Macs and my phone via DropBox, and so far it seems fine, although I’ve only really scratched the surface of its features so far. The vim mode is one of the better ones I’ve come across (not on the phone, obviously).

I got dragged into a call about the fact that the Ipswich GoodGym group has fizzled out, but I think I managed to avoid getting talked into taking on any responsibility for getting it going again. We’ll see what happens.

At work we’re trying to get more team-wide learning stuff going again, and started this week with a discussion about various design topics and quandaries that had been suggested. We didn’t reach any conclusions (or expect to), but I think the conversations were valuable. We’re planning to alternate this kind of thing with a coding dojo.

It was the Great Bentley Half on Sunday (ie “today”, if I were writing this on time). The weather threatened to be appalling, but it cleared up to sunshine just in time for the start. There was a bit of wind, and a downpour in the middle, but the sun came out with enough time that my shorts and vest had mostly dried out by the finish. Got round in 1:36:10, which is a lot slower than 2019, but also a lot faster than the nightmare race I had in 2020.

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