Weeknotes 2022-06

On time this week! Although I type this having not written the actual post, so I may be tempting fate. Once again it turns out I haven’t done much, and am starting to doubt the wisdom of committing to writing these.

Work-wise, we did the planned coding dojo. Because I hadn’t got round to setting up or testing a shared editing environment to be able to rotate pairs, we did more of a mobbing approach (which I think probably worked better), with me as the dumb driver, trying desperately to write the code other people suggested rather than what I wanted. This proved surprisingly difficult, as it turns out that my preferences for writing unit tests have diverged from other people’s (annoyingly I suspect I’m now arguing against things I encouraged people to do in the first place). I was largely successful in doing what I was told, albeit with possibly a bit too much delay while I tried and failed to talk them round. I’m certainly not claiming that my way is the right way, but I feel like I need to put together a blog post or screencast at some point to attempt to justify my preferences.

There’s yet another professional community type initiative going on at the moment, and the successful applicants for “distinguished engineer” status (not a promotion or an actual role; more a vague acknowledgement of influence) were finally announced this week. Needless to say, I missed the cut.

I’ve been quite enjoying the zombie shenanigans All of Us are Dead on Netflix, who seem to be on a roll with their Korean dramas at the moment.

An uneventful week running-wise, although I was a bit quicker than I have been recently on both the “Thursday Tempo Ten” and parkrun. And I think I’ve got to the bottom of why Garmin has consistently shown my training load as above the recommended band recently – since I did a factory reset on my watch a while ago, apparently it’s assumed my maximum heart rate was about 20bpm too low (I’m pretty sure it must have measured rates well above that, so I don’t know why it didn’t update itself, or at least let me know).

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