Weeknotes 2022-22

Well that’s the four day weekend pretty much over, and I still didn’t manage to summon up enough enthusiasm to cut my hedges (or hack down the weeds in the driveway, or any of the myriad other jobs that need doing). And because of the weird Thursday/Friday nonsense, we now get tipped straight back into a full week of work! Incidentally, can anyone [he writes in the pretence that more than one or two people are actually reading this] explain why the Jubilee celebrations were in the year that’s 70 years after the accession (which happened in January), but around the date of the coronation (which happened in 1953)? I guess it’s just about getting decent weather.

As you would expect, I largely paid no notice at all to the various celebrations and the like, although I did go to what was technically a jubilee garden party on Saturday (but was really just a bunch of friends drinking beer in someone’s garden). I also dug out some clippings of when seven-year-old me won a local radio competition for the silver jubilee. I didn’t look particularly happy about it, or more likely I just hated having my photo taken.

Fame at last (1977)

On Friday I ran in the long-delayed Run for A Rose 10k, on the flat but windy (and not terribly exciting) RAF Woodbridge runway. This was a charity event in memory of Angela Rose (hence the capitalisation of the name), a friend and local runner who died of cancer at a tragically young age, and was originally supposed to happen in early 2020. Ironically, it was originally postponed because of Storm Dennis, but that pushed it into the void of 2020–21. It was a shame it hadn’t been publicised a bit more, as it felt a bit sparse (I finished in 44 minutes something, and the people in front of and behind me were on 43 something and 45 something respectively. Ozzy, who won it, was miles clear of second place).

In rat-up-a-drainpipe news, I noticed a bit of a smell returning to the kitchen today, and discovered that the tea-towel I’d wedged in the pipe gap has mysteriously vanished. Not sure whether it was removed by reprobate rodents or just got washed away, but hopefully it hasn’t caused a blockage elsewhere (I guess I should poke around under the inspection cover and try to find it).

My new coffee grinder, to complement my new espresso machine, unexpectedly arrived earlier in the week. I say unexpectedly because the manufacturer’s website that orders placed when mine was would be delivered in July (which had just changed from June while I was procrastinating). Not sure why they’d say that then ship it out in May, but I’m not complaining.

I chose today’s run route to go through a massive local field of poppies – apparently they’re there every year, but this year will be the last because the field is about to be turned into a housing estate. Progress, eh?


Finally, I found a fox sleeping in my garden again. I don’t think it’s the same one that has visited on and off for the past few years, or if it is it’s got a lot more nervous all of a sudden (apart from the whole casually sleeping in people’s gardens thing).

Fox (not sleeping)

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