Weeknotes 2022-23

The fox has continued to hang around a fair bit, and I’m starting to think it is the same one after all.

A fox …

On Wednesday I finally got round to replacing the rat-chewed rubber seal between the sink waste pipe and the drain. But not before the rat made an escape through the gap under the open dishwasher, and spent Tuesday afternoon alternately hiding under things and chasing/being chased by the cats (I’m not really sure who had the upper hand). I had to take the (fitted) dishwasher out to get to the pipe, which was a pain, but at least when I put it back I managed to do a better job of lining it up than when I originally fitted it, so after five years the door’s finally no longer wonky!

… and a rat

A fairly uneventful running week, apart from a warm Framlingham Friday 5, and some mild embarassment at Tuesday’s club session involving losing the rest of the group, assuming they’d finished, heading back to the sports centre where we meet, then discovering that they’d actually just gone round the corner for a time trial. At least there were three of us, so I don’t have to shoulder all the blame!

My Buffy rewatch has now gone past S5E16, The Body – a strong candidate for the most emotionally battering 40 minutes of TV ever made. And because I’ve been listening to the Buffering podcast at a much-accelerated rate compared to their original release schedule, it feels like they’re in a whirlwind of coping with that episode, the beginning of lockdown, Black Lives Matter and various accusations against Joss Whedon.

I’ve been waiting for the final series of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to appear in the UK, thinking I might reactivate my Netflix account for a month to watch it when it arrived. I just discovered that (a) it’s moved to E4, and (b) as far as I can tell they’ve already removed the first few episodes from All 4. Harumph.

Today I actually managed to do a bit of gardening, strimming down the weeds in the driveway and making a start on cutting the hedges (I’d been putting it off mainly due to laziness, but also because I didn’t want to accidentally disturb any nesting birds. I did find an old nest, but fortunately nothing current). To be honest, this is still only a small subset of the bare minimum that needs doing, but at least it’s a start!

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