Weeknotes 2023-02

Took the cats to the vet on Monday for their annual vaccinations and health checks. They’ve all been healthy recently so weren’t on high alert for being stuffed into boxes, which was handy. Fitting three cat carriers in a Smart Roadster is … interesting (but just about possible). Clean bills of health all round.

Like many people I woke up on Friday to discover that Twitter no longer worked (I use[d] Tweetbot on my Macs and Fenix on my phone). I can’t face all the ads, promoted tweets, algorithmic timelines and whatever other nonsense is apparently rife on the official app/site, so haven’t checked since, and I’m not really missing it (it feels like a majority of the most vocal people I follow have already migrated to Mastodon anyway.

I had another go at bleeding my brakes on Saturday. They’re still not quite right, but then they never were. I keep intending to ask the garage to have a proper look along with the MOT test, but it always passes and I’ve never got round to it. Maybe this time. I spent a while looking for an 8mm ring spanner, then gave up and used an open-ended one. Moving onto the second rear calliper I was puzzled as to why I didn’t seem to be able to get to the flats of the bleed nipple, leading to the discovery of the missing combination spanner, still hanging in there after enjoying a trip to Felixstowe and back.

Back to “normal” cross country this weekend (Suffolk Winter League). A bit of a chilly wind at Haughley Park (Stowmarket), but at least not raining. A great course too, with some nice zig-zag up-and-down bits through the woods. Also a very strange grassy field where it was dry underfoot at the bottom of the hill, but wet and boggy at the top.We got a bit lost in the woods on the warmup (I know I have a reputation for such things, but I’m claiming this one wasn’t entirely my fault as there were three of us!), and only barely made it to the start line in time.

Photo by Phil Donlan

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