Weeknotes 2023-09

March already! I’d noticed that I hadn’t practiced the drums much recently, but when I finally got round to it was surprised to realise (I’m doing what I’m told by the book, and noting down which exercises I do when, and at what tempo) that the previous time had been in January. Oops.

Also published the first draft of this having subtracted one from the week number, rather than adding one. And I’m not even editing this in vim, so I can’t use the usual “I hit ctrl-a, but it interpreted the number as negative because of the hyphen before it, so incremented it the wrong way” excuse.

I had a day and a half off work this week, but the only vaguely useful thing I managed to do with it was some very belated and half-hearted vacuuming. I spent far too much of Friday adding an extra feature to my Strava YTD app, so you can see a list of activities as well as just the year and month summary info. Then half of Saturday figuring out how I’d broken the release/deployment when I switched from webpack to esbuild. Basically just like work, except on a different Phoenix LiveView app and I don’t get paid for it.

A new tab

It’s still cold, but I’ve been trying to use the heating as little as possible (not because I can’t afford it, but because I begrudge it), and can mostly be found sitting around in two jumpers and a hat like a mad cat lady. I do have it come on for an hour first thing though, except for Wednesday when the boiler didn’t start and it was a struggle to leave the warmth of the duvet.

I dog sat for Sky again on Thursday, and took her for a walk on her standard route rather than trying to be original, which meant she didn’t stop halfway round and refuse to move like last time. She does seem to be a creature of habit, even down to changing which side she walked on at a predictable point.

Worn out after her walk (or just lazy)

Another cross country on Sunday, on a new course in Southwold. It had looked like it might be a bit dull, but was actually not bad, with a bit of mud (but not a ridiculous amount like Framlingham), and a nice steep downhill where it was possible to make up a few places with a lax attitude to self-preservation (photos by Phil Donlan).

The FRR warmup gang – apparently I didn’t get the jacket memo
A bit of mud

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