Weeknotes 2023-10

Some wacky weather this week, with snow on Friday, then double-digit [celsius] temperatures on Sunday.

Two consecutive nights out (apparently they’re like buses). On Wednesday I was dragged in as a last-minute replacement for a pub quiz team. It was a new-fangled affair with answers submitted individually on a tablet, with more points for quicker tapping. I’m generally pretty good at quick reactions on the buzzer, but also terrible at most general knowledge categories, so I was of limited help, but not entirely useless (and the point was a fun night out rather than winning, anyway). Then on Thursday we had a work meal at Mr Wing’s, which is an odd combination of a “normal” Chinese restaurant and a buffet, in that they bring you dishes to order but you only pay a single price. Naturally this resulted in me eating far too much, especially as I hate seeing food go to waste. The quality was very good though, even if the quantity was a bit much.

No racing this weekend, but once again I ended up tagging along with a marathon training 20 mile run on Sunday. I’m sure it must be good for me, although I did feel slightly broken by the time I got home.

That’s about it I think. Anyway, there’s clearly nothing much happening in the world when the main news story is an apparently free-speech-loving and cancel-culture-hating government getting an ex-footballer kicked off the telly for daring to express an opinion they didn’t like.

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