Weeknotes 2023-43

A pretty quiet week as far as I can remember.

I completely forgot about the clock change last night, but thanks to the fact that all the important clocks now set themselves by magic it didn’t cause any issues beyond wondering why I woke up early on Sunday feeling more rested than I expected, and I didn’t turn up anywhere an hour late.

I gave my 62nd unit of blood on Wednesday. For a change I ran there rather than cycling, and may have slightly glossed over my intention to run the two miles home during the health check. As usual though, I didn’t really feel any different afterwards than before.

When I had my flu jab the other week, they also checked my blood pressure, which was apparently borderline high (something like 140/90 I think). They must have passed that information on to my GP, because I got a letter asking me to make an appointment to have it checked again. I haven’t got round to it yet, partly due to laziness and phone-aversion, partly to avoid wasting the NHS’s time, and partly to avoid having to tick the “I’m waiting to see a medical professional” box on the blood donor form. I’ve measured it at home since, and it seems like it’s usually in the 80s, so I’m sure I’m fine (although my dad does have high blood pressure, so who knows?). I should probably just book my over-40 health check and kill two birds with one stone (I’ve only put that off for 13 years so far).

I happened to see one of the abnormal loads that are travelling from Ipswich docks to Eye. It apparently weighs around 500 tons, and took most of the day to get from one side of town to the other. Here’s a terrible photo.

Slugs keep coming into my kitchen at night (presumably through a tiny crack under the door). I think mainly in an attempt to steal cat food, although I’ve been known to find them on the ceiling so I’m not sure about their sense of direction.

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