Weeknotes 2024-11

After spending all of Monday cobbling my second AgileFest talk together (by which I mostly mean scouring the web for CC-licensed images to put on slides, along with a few less generic ones from my photo history), I think I more or less got away with it. This one was an experience report of 20 years of doing agile development in (and often despite) a company that’s spent most of that time repeatedly attempting Agile Transformations™. I do seem to have a weird knack of being able to spend a few hours throwing slides together and ending up with them forming an outline of a talk of approximately the required length.

With the end of the leave year rapidly approaching, I finally got round to taking a couple of days off this week. I didn’t do a huge amount with them, although I did make a start on dismantling the old chicken run to give me space to put the greenhouse up. I’ve basically removed all the screws holding the sections of mesh panelling together (apart from a couple that were rounded off and seized in place), but it’s still doggedly retaining structural integrity.

Stowmarket half on Sunday. A new course this year, with a few hills and a second half into a headwind, but I managed more or less the same OK-but-not-great time as I did at Great Bentley.

Before …
… and in the pub afterwards (waiting for entries to open for the Woodbridge 10k)

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