Weeknotes 2024-12

I took the day off on Thursday, and finally dismantled the chicken run (a mere eight years since I last had any chickens). It was surprisingly difficult to get apart, despite me having removed most of the screws last weekend. Still a lot of clearing to do before I can get the greenhouse up in its place though.

Going …
… gone

I tried to finally watch Everything Everywhere All At Once, but the Blu-Ray turned out not to be from whatever region the UK is in (it’s so long since I thought about region codes that I didn’t even realise they were still a thing). I braced myself for a complicated return/refund process, but they just issued an immediate refund and don’t even want me to bother sending the disc back, which feels like a strange way of doing business. Yay Amazon, I guess?

After what surprisingly turns out to be 17 years, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and ordered a massive TV to replace my projector (and the marginally less old small TV). I don’t think when I knocked up a 72″ screen out of MDF even longer ago, for the projector before that, that I expected to ever be able to replace it with an actual telly with an extra diagonal foot of picture. It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow, then we’ll find out whether the piece of board I cut to match the cross-section of the TV to confirm that it (barely) fits in the room was in fact the correct size (it’ll go on the wall that cuts across the corner at 45?, so the taper at the edges was a critical enough part of the measurement that a tape measure didn’t really cut it).

Incidentally, I assume everyone types the ? symbol by holding down option and mashing the keyboard until the right glyph appears, then deleting the rest?

I ordered a new laptop too, as my 2018 Air is struggling these days (eg right this minute, when the load average has mysteriously jumped into the 600s), so it’s been a tough week for my credit card.

I ran the Colchester 15 today (actually in Langham, which is even closer than Colchester). It was much hillier than I expected, but I survived and even technically got a PB, though there’s not much competition at that distance and the only other 15 I’ve done were Benfleet, which is largely off road and full of mud. Getting there in the first place was less straightforward than expected – I’d offered to drive, but minutes before Rob and Dave arrived I discovered that the long-standing slow puncture in my offside front tyre had turned overnight into a complete flat. Fortunately after pumping it up it retained its inflation for the day, but getting that replaced will be a task for this week (along with the battery, which also chose today to go from “only lasts a day or so after being charged” to “doesn’t retain any charge at all” (fortunately I have one of those amazing little jump-start booster battery things).

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