Weeknotes 2024-21

It seems I’ve not done much of interest this week. I’m still enjoying replaying old games on the Steam Deck – I’ve finished Portal and Limbo, got a fair way through Portal 2, and am not doing great at the original Half Life (which I’ve never actually finished), despite playing on easy mode. It’s basically just another thing to play with and avoid doing anything useful with my evenings.

Obviously the running continues as usual, with a track session on Wednesday on top of the usual club training on Tuesday. I managed to make it to Run for Coffee on Friday, and got a reasonably long run in on Sunday in what I was expecting to be torrential rain but turned out to be warm sunshine.

Run for Coffee
Refreshment stop with four miles to go

Bank holiday tomorrow, and I really must use it to actually get some work done in the house or garden!

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