Agile Java Software

An alternative approach to creating specs from JUnit tests

I’m a convert to Behavior-Driven Development, or BDD, as championed by people like Dan North and Dave Astels. As a first step, I wanted to be able to generate a report from an existing collection of JUnit tests which read more like a set of specs (this would be in addition to the normal success/fail/error report), which would in turn be an encouragement to think in terms of behaviour specification when writing tests for new functionality.

To begin with, TestDox looked like just the job. Unfortunately, when I tried it I came across a few things that weren’t quite perfect for my situation:


Prototyping GUI changes

I like low-tech prototyping solutions, and here’s a simple (some might say trivial) one that worked well at a recent release planning meeting, for discussing some minor GUI changes with the users.

Agile Rants

Warning signs that people don’t really understand agile

With “agile” becoming increasingly popular as a buzzword, and with more companies adopting agile methodologies as official policy, it’s common to find people claiming to be more agile than they perhaps really are. This may be either through misunderstanding, or deliberately in order to claim compliance with a corporate target. Here a few things I’ve come across that set warning bells off for me.